Our Founder helped build a $1B technology startup company. Boost Design was started to help others achieve success too.


Boost Design is a product design consultancy specialising in the development of technology products for entrepreneurs, researchers, and established businesses. We provide R&D and product design services to clients primarily in Australia and North America.

We have a multi-disciplinary team that consists of electronics engineers, industrial designers, firmware engineers, software engineers, scientists, and intellectual property experts in order to provide a full-service offering to our clients.  Our experienced and talented team can develop your product from concept through to production, or just provide assistance where you need it.  We are also start-up specialists and can provide guidance to founders based on our extensive prior experience within new technology companies.

We take a holistic approach to product development and practice Outcome Driven Design, always working to ensure that our activities are closely aligned with our Client’s business objectives.


Our mission is to develop new-to-world products that delight users and achieve commercial success for our clients. We are a diverse team of experts who are easy to work with and love what we do.


About Our Founder

Michael Potas, Boost Design’s General Manager, previously founded technology startup companies related to sports, audio, entertainment and software, and worked with numerous others.  He has developed partnerships to fund research and development, and is the author and/or inventor of numerous patents. Michael also conducts University guest lectures on topics that include innovation, technology start-ups, intellectual property, and commercialisation strategy, and speaks at start-up events about Boost Design’s specialised programs for new start-ups.  He has acted as a technology IP expert witness in addition to conducting technology due diligence activities for banks on potential investment opportunities.

In a prior role at Nanosonics, Michael Potas founded the engineering team and led the research and development of their complex medical device technology from working concept through to a successful global product.  With an engineering team that grew to approximately 25 people, Michael was responsible for electronics, software, firmware, mechanical engineering, science, and intellectual property development.   As part of the executive team, he worked closely with sales, marketing, regulatory, manufacturing, service and support teams helping to ensure the long term success of the business, and travelled globally to align product development activities with customer needs across different markets.  In 2016, Nanosonics exceeded a $1b valuation on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NAN), underpinned by the sales results for the product that Michael’s team developed.  Michael also won an award from the Warren Center for Advanced Engineering for his work at Nanosonics.


Our vision is to build a design company that Clients desire to work with, and Innovators want to work for, and to leave the world better than how we found it.

Our Clients

Boost Design has provided services to a wide range of Australian and International clients across a broad range of industries.  These include entrepreneurs, startups, and established businesses. Contact Us to find out about how we can assist you with your project.