Our mission is to develop new-to-world products that delight users and achieve commercial success for our clients. We are a diverse team of experts who are easy to work with and love what we do.

Boost Design specializes in the development of new-to-world electronic products from concept through to production. We work with first time inventors, experienced entrepreneurs and established business to bring their ideas to life. By conducting all engineering under the one roof, we can provide seamless integration of all components, including mechanical, electronics, firmware and software. Products requiring electrical engineering are our specialty.

We also understand that your needs may be much broader than pure product engineering, so we can offer help there too.  We develop new technologies, conduct IP reviews and patenting, arrange regulatory assessment and product certification, and do market research. We can also help develop start-up companies from scratch.  Boost Design works hard to achieve the overall success of our projects and clients as we see your success as our success.

Plan For Success

We’re focused on your success; and that starts with a great plan.

Great products need a great development plan. That’s why we always start by carefully reviewing your goals and market needs, and putting in the research to make sure we are developing the right product under the right program.

Talk to us about an optimized development plan for your product, that will maximize commercial outcomes whilst minimizing product development and manufacturing costs.


Designed For Users

Technology applied right.

Using the latest technology can be a double-edged sword; increasingly powerful, but sometimes overwhelming for users.

That’s why we always put the user first and foremost, and integrate technology only where it will enhance the user experience rather than take away from it.

Talk to us about how we apply technology appropriately to create a product that your users will love.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

The latest tech, ready to be integrated into your device.

Our team are experts at product design utilizing the following technologies:

  • Wireless IoT (Internet of Things) and other communication interfaces, including Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi, GSM 3G/4G/5G/LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M1, Satellite, LoRaWAN etc.
  • Designs for ultra low-power operation utilising small batteries.
  • Embedded and low power microprocessors, such as 8 and 32 bit micro controllers.
  • Powerful embedded Linux and Windows devices.
  • A broad range of sensors including Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers, GPS, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Gas, Optical, Position, Vibration, Colour, Cameras, Thermal, Capacitive, and many more including custom sensing devices etc.
  • Wired communications interfaces, including Ethernet, RS485, RS232, CAN bus, Modbus, Analog, Digital, Dry Contact Switches etc.
  • Battery management systems, including battery protection, battery smart chargers, solar chargers and fuel gauges.
  • All displays types including LCD, OLED, E Ink, projection, and transparent displays.
  • Capacitive and resistive touchscreen displays.
  • Motor controllers, servo drivers, solenoid systems, and other machine controls.
  • And much more.

Not sure exactly what you need? Do you have another technology you’d like to use? Ask us and talk directly with one of our engineers so that we can help select the best fit for your application.


Talented Team

We’re up for the challenge.

Our team have developed hundreds of circuit boards, from simple to complex, and across all industry types. They’ve also developed countless lines of code to drive the core functionality of our electronic products.

Every design is backed by years of experience, ensuring designs are fit-for-purpose utilising the most-suitable available technologies.

We hire team members who love what they do; many spend their evenings developing their own products because they just can’t help themselves.

We invite you to leverage their vast experience and enthusiasm to make your product the best it can be.


Prototyping Or Production

You choose the end goal.

Every project has different targets, and often a staged approach is the best way to go. Leverage our capabilities that include in-house prototyping as well as a large global network of world-class third-party contract manufacturers. This provides speedy delivery and a quality outcome for everything from a single prototype through to large scale manufacture.


Other Services

We can help you with much more.

We understand that you might need more help, and we’re here for you. Other activities undertaken by our team include:

  • Programs structured specifically for startups and new inventors
  • Research and development
  • Mechanical and industrial design
  • Software development
  • Medical device design (ISO13485 / IEC62034), and other regulated products
  • Assistance with product certification and approvals

The Boost Design Approach

In contrast to most product development consultancies, Boost design’s experience is based on many years of leadership in technology start-ups.  This experience allows us to take a holistic approach to product development, which balances the needs of research, design and engineering with your overall business and product goals.


Here’s a summary of our approach:

  • We live and breathe Outcome Driven Design; every decision we make is informed by what you are trying to achieve with your product and your business.
  • Our team are highly adept in translating technical terminology into plain English, so you don’t need to be an engineer to communicate with us or understand our work.
  • Wherever possible, we aim to integrate existing technology into our designs that will accelerate development time, reduce costs, while meeting or exceeding project and product objectives. This includes the use of reputable components that are readily available, well documented, are simple to evaluate and implement, or the use of designs already built by our own engineering team that are ready to deploy into your application.
  • We define a plan and team to suit each project individually.
  • Our work programmes are structured to identify and mitigate project risks as early as possible.
  • We are happy to accommodate your scope changes as the project progresses.
  • We invite you to be closely involved with the project and in all major design decisions, at a level of detail and involvement that suits you.
  • We consider design for manufacture (DFM) in all activities undertaken to facilitate a smooth transition into production.
  • All design projects are led by experienced Senior Engineers.
  • At the completion of the project we hand over all deliverables and designs to you.
  • Our company’s growth is fuelled by referrals and repeat business from our ever-growing and satisfied customer base, hence your success becomes our success.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your project.

Sample Projects