Industrial Design

Boost Design specialises in the development of new-to-world products for established businesses, startups and new inventors.

Whether it be a simple mechanical product or a feature-packed electronic device, our team can research, visualise, prototype, and manufacture it, ready for market launch.


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Rendering of a keyboard

Market Driven

Boost Design is focused on your success; this is the starting point for each industrial design consultancy services brief.

We are able to carefully review the competitive landscape, market segments and target users, allowing our team to zero-in on a design strategy that positions your product to maximise commercial outcomes whilst minimising product development and manufacturing costs.

Rendering of a keyboard
Industrial Design Concept Rendering

Purposeful Aesthetics

Our systematic design process considers product class, recent trends, and brand goals, in order to pinpoint the right aesthetic for your product.

Each design is refined with specific intent; proportions, curves, materials, textures and finishes. Nothing is left to chance.

This creates a product that commands attention, allowing you to achieve your desired brand perception and product positioning.

Dash Mounted Display Industrial Design

Designs that Work

Perfection is more than skin deep; that’s why we make sure each and every design is packed with substance.

Functionality and usability are critical to user experience, and as such we consider this an essential element in every design decision that we make.

This results in a product that people will love to use and promote to help drive your commercial success.

Dash Mounted Display Industrial Design

Mechanical Engineering

We engineer products specifically suited to the most complex and harshest of operational environments.

This may include mechanical mechanism and machine design, shock resistance, dust and fluid ingress management, high reliability and safety, thermal management, and more.

We ensure that each product has the functionality and durability to meet the exact needs of your application.

Product Render

Designed for Manufacture

By selecting suitable prototyping and construction processes from the outset, every design can be transitioned smoothly into manufacture.

Our team members are experts in a broad variety of manufacturing processes, and are extremely well connected with a wide range of specialist suppliers.

Whether you want either one or many products manufactured, we are here to support you.

Product Render

Award-Winning Products

Our designs are recognised both in Australia and internationally as being standouts in their categories.

Panels of product design experts have reviewed our work and judge it to be among the best in the world.

Talk to us about how we can transform your idea into the next award-winning product.

Design Concepts

Example Services

  • Design & brand research

  • Conceptual development

  • Photo-realistic 3D product renders / digital imagery

  • Product animations

  • Development of non-functional device mockups

  • Fully-functional prototype development and production

  • Technology integration

  • Mechanism & machine design

  • Design for high-reliability and safety

  • Thermal management

  • Stress analysis (FEA)

  • Production Management