Our mission is to develop new-to-world products that delight users and achieve commercial success for our clients. We are a diverse team of experts who are easy to work with and love what we do.

Product Development


Boost Design specialises in the development of new-to-world products, taking them from concept through to production. By conducting all engineering under the one roof, we can provide seamless integration of all components including mechanical, electronics, firmware and software. We emphasize product end-user experience, and ensure every detail is considered and is fit for purpose.

We also understand that your needs may be much broader than pure product engineering, so we can offer help there too.  We develop new technologies, conduct IP reviews and patenting, arrange regulatory assessment and product certification, and do market research. We can also help develop start-up companies from scratch.  Boost Design works hard to achieve the overall success of our projects and clients as we see your success as our success.

Sample Projects