Bluetooth Controller

An inventor had been working on developing a remote-controlled motor drive system for a new product to be used in the agricultural industry, and they had come across challenges in getting their prototype to work effectively. Boost Design was engaged to assist and performed the following activities:

  • Worked with the client to create a product development plan suited to their needs
  • Reviewed the provided mechanical designs and developed proof of concept electronics to test the provided motor drive system
  • Identified performance issues with the supplied motors, hence researched and respecified the drive system to meet load and speed requirements
  • Developed proof-of-concept electronics to bench test drive motors and confirmed performance met expectations
  • Developed a Bluetooth control system for wireless remote control of the motor drives
  • Developed a Bluetooth handheld control unit, with integrated battery power and custom electronics
  • Iterated on the handheld controller design to improve ergonomics and maximise ease of use
  • Developed custom electronic schematics and PCBs suitable for use in the prototype
  • Manufactured a working prototype control unit suitable for field use

This product is currently undergoing field trials.

Agtech Bluetooth Wireless Remote

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