IoT Consumable Tracking System

As part of a larger project, Boost Design was engaged to develop a system to track the use of re-usable consumables in a laboratory device.  The system required miniaturised electronics to be attached to each consumable, suitable for high volume production at low price.  The system needed the capability for each consumable to be individually identified, to have usage tracked, to support multiple types of consumables, and to allow for partially-used consumables to be re-installed into the device and function appropriately.  Parts of the consumables required electron beam sterilisation, hence system and process design had to allow for this without damaging the tracking device.   The designed also needed to consider the integration with the Clients pre-existing IoT cloud infrastructure to allow for data to be centrally tracked.  Boost Design conducted the following activities:

  • Collation of requirements to meet design goals
  • Research and selection of key technologies and components
  • Conception of the sterilisation processes for the completed consumable system to ensure electronics would not be damaged in production
  • Development of a proof-of-concept
  • Schematic and PCB design of the electronics (consumables and device reader)
  • Manufacture of electronics
  • Development of microcontroller driver firmware to facilitate communications between the laboratory device and the consumable tracking electronics
Consumable Tracking System