IoT Gas Sensor

This breakthrough technology has been developed to help reduce the significant amount of wastage currently present in the fresh produce supply chain. By monitoring trace levels of ethylene gas in produce storage areas, this system is able to detect the ripening cycle, and then provide feedback to supply chain operators as to how to best manage their stored produce.

As part of this project, Boost Design completed the following activities:

  • Substantial technology development of the chemical gas sensing system, in order to provide measurements and enhanced accuracy at trace levels of gas concentration
  • Research and development into the chemical processing elements of the system, and design of associated electro-mechanical control systems
  • Research and development into sample conditioning systems in order to maximise signal to noise ratios and minimise the impact of interfering gasses
  • Development of bench-testing and verification systems, allowing accelerated research and development of specific sub-systems
  • Design miniaturisation activities
  • Development of new calibration methodologies, and customised calibration equipment
  • Design of sensing algorithms, based on the use of statistical analysis over large test datasets
  • Development of a WiFi connection to an AWS server for full cloud connectivity
  • Industrial design, electronic and hardware development of prototype and proof-of-concept demonstration devices
  • Development of new validation methodologies for both laboratory and field testing

This device has won an International Edison Award in the Environmental Impact category, and a Best in Class Australian Good Design Award.

This product has also been showcased in Laurence Fishburne’s Behind the Scenes documentary series.


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