IoT Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive and convenient method for facilitating the rapid screening of human skin temperature. It is well suited to picking up common symptoms of illness such as COVID-19, and in turn can be used to help keep public spaces and workplaces safer.  In response to the pandemic, the client engaged Boost Design to research and develop a new thermal imaging camera suitable for use in the post-COVID-19 recovery.  As part of this project, Boost Design completed the following activities:

  • Conducted research into available technologies and limitations
  • Invented a new approach to produce a high-accuracy thermal imaging camera at a fraction of the cost of comparable offerings
  • Developed a benchtop proof-of-concept of the technology, including electronics, firmware, software, and industrial design, proving feasibility of the low-cost technology
  • Developed sales and marketing assets allowing the Client to test the market prior to committing to further development
  • Conducted patentability searches and freedom to operate searches, and applied for a provisional patent on the technology
  • Designed a prototype of the device suitable for performance testing
  • Developed test methodologies and equipment to verify camera performance and accuracy
  • Designed and developed all industrial design, electronics, firmware, and software for the production device
  • Designed customisable mounting solutions, including desk mounts, floor standing mounts, and wall mounting systems
  • Developed an upgraded software package, allowing WiFi connection of the camera to a local network, and a highly-configurable automated alert system that sends notification emails when high temperatures are detected
  • Manufactured short-run production devices on behalf of the client

The SureVis Thermal Camera has won an Australian Good Design Award; the Jury commented:

“A great example of a product response to the COVID-19 pandemic. SureVis provides a well designed solution at a cost that is achievable to SMEs. The user experience of the device is simple and has been thoughtfully designed. Materials, design selection. workflow and aesthetics are of high quality.”


SureVis Thermal Camera
SureVis Thermal Camera
SureVis High Res Industrial Design Render
SureVis Thermal Camera Developed by Boost Design
SureVis Thermal Camera

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