Stainless Straw Dishwasher Rack

Suckitup (SIU) initially came to Boost Design to discuss a concept for how to encourage the use of reusable stainless steel straws in the food services industry. Starting with a much more complex idea, Boost worked with SIU to simplify the project to address one of the core challenges facing the adoption of reusable stainless steel straws; easy and effective cleaning.

On this project Boost Design completed the following activities:

  • Worked with SIU to develop a product solution that would ultimately encourage the uptake of reusable straws in the commercial environment
  • Developed a range of design concepts to explore potential product configurations suitable for maximising straw capacity and cleaning, whilst also being compatible with commercial dishwashing systems
  • Generated a series of high-quality product renderings that illustrated a range of aesthetic design options which SIU were able to use to confirm market interest with their potential customers and key stakeholders
  • Investigated a range of suitable recycled materials for use in the final product. The racks are made from 50% recycled, injection moulded polypropylene
  • Developed a proof-of-concept prototype such that ease-of-use and cleaning performance could be assessed within a commercial environment
  • Identified suitable vendors for large scale manufacture, and undertook DFM (Design for Manufacture) with nominated suppliers
  • Arranged tooling and production of final product

The product was awarded a Gold Good Design Award; the Jury commented:

“Any reduction in the number of disposable drinking straws is a positive thing, Suckitup go further to provide an all in one solution. This is a well-resolved, integrated and aesthetic solution to the issue of cleaning metal reusable straws. It’s a really innovative product that addresses a huge need – by making the straws easy to clean, uptake will be increased. Consideration of the user experience is evident in the design, as is engagement with the people that will use the product. The approach to packaging the design as a complete unit (straws + cleaning rack) is really clever and removes barriers to purchase. A really well executed design.”

You can find out more about SuckItUp on their website

See a video of the product in action here:


SIU - Dishwasher Rack Industrial Design
SIU - Dishwasher Rack Industrial Design
SIU - Dishwasher Rack Industrial Design
SIU Packaging

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